Spaceship Commander John Ray

Spaceship Commander John Ray - roguelike turn-based strategy game inspired by war game trek 1971

For iOS, Mac and VisionOS


The Alliance between Humans, Throck and Urobori has collapsed.

The Throck, a military faction, have decided to topple the parliament and subjugate the other factions in a newly-formed Throck empire. The Urobori have taken a neutral position and are now observing the ensuing war between the Humans and the Throck.

The top brass of the Allied Human Defense Force have issued you new orders. Your mission: assume command the spaceship SS-Lexxor and destroy Throck spaceships and space stations in all 64 sectors.

Impressions and facts

Spaceship Commander John Ray - Official Trailer


Play a classic space war game with infinite procedural generated galaxies. Roguelike, turn-based strategy with combat on a 8x8 sector grid in 64 galaxy sectors.

All ships and space stations have systems to be monitored and repaired when damaged. Use them to your advantage.

Navigate through 64 sectors, find resources, fight the Throck and restore the alliance with Urobori.

Resupply and repair your ship at allied space stations. Protect them at all costs.

Go on adventures. Send landing parties to planets to a search for new tech and new crew members.

Beat your best high score and play again and again and ...!

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